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My parents have now passed on, yet I was reminded of their stories while I watched the reports on the events unfolding in Copenhagen.Michael, we do not need wild conspiracy theories to distract us.If you can do that too, for the region you have selected, than that is a gain for which you will be appreciated.Often several of these occur at the same time, as is often the case with the introduction of automatic weather stations that is occurring in many parts of the world.If you want to see every conceivable variation, at some point you can do it yourself.Any eager new researcher would read the literature and get an idea of how each is constructed, if he were competent.

The deep Atlantic ocean currents oscillate in multidecadal cycles while the Pacific oscillates on decade cycles.The raw data will have jumps from station moves and the like.Within this time there are 800-1000 year warming and cooling cycles where temperature and CO2 levels rise and fall in oscillating intervals.Willis, I managed to confuse myself with the two scales that you have on Darwin zero.I produced a summary of the steps, and then added my own commentary, which is available at this link.Until the relatively small clique of stonewalling CRU scientists and their U.S. and UN counterparts start following the scientific method, they are only making unfalsifiable, untestable conjectures.Peter Benjamin Mandelson, Baron Mandelson, PC (born 21 October 1953) is a British Labour politician, president of international think tank Policy Network and Chairman.It seems like while it is one small step for you to assert that, it is one giant leap for GHCN and GISS to be certain it is so.

One adjustment might be applied to all stations, another only to one.Eisenbach seems to just jump to the conclusion that they must have been pulled out of a hat.At best with good codes and the raw data you could have proved warming but not causation to man.Regardless of desperate attempts by AGW partisans to subvert and suppress it, I think the message is starting to get out to the wider world.That is a very different question from someone keeping regular, consistent, temperature measurements in a reliable record.As I said, I went to AIS to see if what Professor Karlen had said was true.I also have no doubt that if you follow the prescription of GISS, providing this is possible for an independent to do, you will get the GISS result.I assume, and perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong, that these averages are calculated directly from the raw data, and that either records were not kept for this site prior to 1941, or, if there were records kept, the BOM did not include them because it considered them to be inconsistent with the later data.

This breakdown puts some meat on the bones of the manipulation, and gives us direct questions which can be either answered directly, or obfuscated.There were no stations near to Darwin then, much less five stations.For maximum effect I would suggest that the stations be ordered according to the trend they show after adjustment.Sea levels have been rising for a very long time there is nothing new in that, but since 2006 there is no change.Calling all activists and people who want to do street actions regarding climate change madness.I do quite a lot of environmental monitoring and a fair bit of modeling, so am familiar with the territory that these homogenization schemes operate in, and I am comfortable with much of the math.

Firstly, this condition becomes valid only when testing whether there was a trend FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET.We share a problem in not being able to trace which version of which station was adjusted by whom, by how much, in which direction and why.The goal of this deals with a set of scientifically controlled global.And, anybody subsequently approaching the raw data must have an a-priori motivation, which must be made explicit.Of course if one specifically needs to collect trends for a smaller region, then it could be necessary to homogenise, but never on a global scale.They seem to use this as a catch-all adjustment because by nature the correction can be quite large in some specific instances (in both directions).I have posted my Representative the prime reader ( for 5 year olds) with the WUWT link.There was an earlier post where a distribution was given, to show that as many adjustments were downwards as upwards.Not just one station, but all the stations plotted as a distribution of trend change induced by the adjustment.

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Why all pre-1993 data temperature should now be missing from BOM records is a mystery to me.Yet the homogenized data seems to depress the temps prior to 1980 and it inflates temps thereafter.The pay off for these so called climate scientists must be worth millions in grants sponsorships and government funding but its is no excuse or reason to taint the scientific community by using fake data, just build their case, they should all be charged with fraud.Just as a quick view of the scale. v2.mean has some 596000 entries.

You deserve to be recognised around the world for your painstaking analysis.You pick three stations, one monsoonal (Darwin), one desert (Alice Springs), one temperate coastal (Yamba), and add them, and then you get surprised that the result does not look like anything the the IPCC graphic.Then, who made the claim, where they got the data from, personal notes from the claimant, station history, etc., linking to further database tables which.

The airport fence is the boundary on the Northern side of the Highway for 5.5 km. Given that the dominant winds are from the east and SE, this would blow the UHI effect from suburbs like Winnellie and Berrimah more or less for 15 km until past Palmerston.This email was sent less than two months after the one analyzed above.CRU adjusted and selected the data according to their mission.If there were half a dozen adjustments, then the adjusters should be able to document half a dozen specific errors that required adjustments.Give us credit for honesty down here in the Great South Land.

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Combine that with a promise of a smoking gun, and this post got attention in much wider circles than it normally would have.The sea, if it moderates, can do so only in a period of long change.Agreed, more importantly, it will also be the science that is lost and we will be plunged into a new dark age.

I keep remembering that Enrons fall back position was that they had Arthur Anderson doing their external audits.This is something I find incredibly frustrating about this issue.These adjustments are the best we could do given the paucity of historical station history metadata on a global scale.Even the raw temperature data cannot be verified to be calibrated or validated across stations in addition to having significant gaps.The next battle will be to get world coverage of genuinely raw data.

If you had access to the historical data about the station (the metadata), you would likely see the reason for those corrections.Of course 1st you have to actually GET both sets of data.Then you do all sorts of elaborate reverse engineerings, to discover that there has been some kind of a data adjustment, when the owners of the data (the Aust.With its miles of white sand beaches, surrounded by lush forests and dramatic volcanic peaks, Mauritius is made for romance.It also does NOT mean that the three records (CRU, GISS, and GHCN) are generally wrong either.Nevertheless, they both show flatlining annual maximum mean temperatures.It is therefore possible that the discontinuity in the record is a switch to the Airport station for 1941 et seq.However, I find absolutely nothing to support it being used by GHCN.

All perform very questionable and many times unpublished adjustments to different stations.Presumably the rapid growth in Darwin population began in 1942 and was relatively constant before then.Kyoto-type agreements transfers emissions and jobs to those countries which do not care about environmental issues.However, the main factor appears to be a change in screening.Really its pointless running off to a religious site with your argument.Perhaps you should stick to pointing out worrying potential issues (again, good job of that) and save the claims of gross incompetance and malfeasance for after the questions you raise have been answered.There is a small tidal creek to the S-E, a few km long, but one can hardly count that in.

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